Saya's Art

Digital art - Illustration - Amigurumi - Art plush - Art figure - Art puppet - Art doll - Sculpture - Stop motion short movie - Video game developer

About me

I'm Saya, a French self-taught versatile artist, illustrator and creator.

I want to share through my creations my own dreamlike worlds, inspired by fantasy and Asian culture, especially Korean culture which has fascinated me for many years.

My two main creative fields are making illustrations and making amigurumi, art plush, art puppet and art figures by using felt and crochet.

Since 2020, I'm working alone on the development of an adventure video game based on Korean folklore, between reality and fantasy. I will be revealing more on my social media soon.

If you want to support me, my uTip, my shop and my commissions are currently OPEN.

I hope that you will like my creations and that they will bring you happiness ♥